Life Happens Here

Excellence at Seattle House extends beyond your residence. A precision-trained staff is available 24 hours a day to cater to every whim or need. Residents arrive through a bronze-accented grand lobby into an intimate home, anchored by an artistic bonsai tree. Poised behind an impressive desk of beautiful, limestone, the concierge is available around-the-clock. Equipped with over 50,000 sq. ft. of carefully curated amenity space, Seattle House is your ultimate 360 degree life style.

Seattle House Amenity - Zen Pods: A Peaceful Environment

A Peaceful Environment

Calm the mind and improve your emotional wellness. Find silent refuge and relieve the stresses of the day in this contemplative space, with acoustically treated walnut walls and a linen-wrapped ceiling, designed for complete silence and comfort. These private sanctuaries offer residents an opportunity for creativity, inspiration and solace in their own peaceful environment.

Celebrate Life's Occasions

With amenities that exceed expectation and a host of thoughtfully designed spaces for entertaining, relaxing and rejuvenating, your home is much more than your suite. The lush landscaped outdoor terraces feature multiple outdoor experiences equipped with BBQ and prep station for grilling, areas for dinning, lounging, as well as large deck areas high above the electric energy below for relaxing. Enjoy the impressive views and the company of friends, family and fellow residents in the 45th floor outdoor sky lounge.

An intimate fireplace lounge, stunning sky terrace, and private dining room with a catering kitchen create opportunities for elegant gatherings and intimate celebrations. The entertainment room is appointed with a custom billiards and ping pong tables. Explore culinary passions in the state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen, complete with a chef’s table and entertainment space. Cook with friends or invite a professional chef for an unforgettable dining experience.

Seattle House Amenity - Experimental Kitchen: Celebrate Life's Occasions
Seattle House Amenity - Gym: A Lifestyle of Balance and Wellness

A Lifestyle of Balance and Wellness

Achieve your best fitness and health needs at the Seattle House fitness center – your private training facility. The expansive gym is a trainer’s delight, outfitted with high quality weights, modern state-of-the-art cardio and resistance equipment. From the moment you walk in this inspiring setting, the spacious fitness area ensures you get the most out of every workout at a time that works best with your schedule. The space features natural light with floor to ceiling windows, Wi-Fi, individual TVs and locker rooms.

Seattle House Amenity - Tepidarium: A Place to Unwind and Rest

A Place to Unwind and Rest

High above the city traffic, while others battle their commute, you can transcend your body, mind and spirit from the convenience of your home. A stunning wellness area offers easy access to the outdoor leisure pool, and terrace with a Californian deck where you can grab a sip of pinacolato or a game on oversized televisions. At the end of your day, choose your way to unwind and recharge with an exquisite experience in the heated tepidarium lounge, sauna or steam room.

Seattle House Amenity - Shared Workspace: A Smart Place to Work Everywhere

A Smart Place to Work Everywhere

Understanding there is a great demand for flexible working environments, Seattle House features the largest residential co-working space. An extension of your home office, this well-equipped hub features eleven private meeting rooms, plug-in lecture areas, private soundproof pods for phone calls and intimate collaboration. In addition to the second floor shared work amenity, stay connected in all common areas, elevators and market lobby area via high-speed WI-FI.

Seattle House Amenity - Meeting Rooms: Largest Residential Co-working Space
Seattle House Amenity - Dog Spa: Pamper Your Pet

Pamper Your Pet

At Seattle House, we care about our furry friends. The convenient self-serve treatment area features custom grooming and washing stations, designed to pamper your pet like a celebrity. Our indoor play area allows dogs to frolic and mingle with their four-legged friends and the outdoor off-leash park with dog run helps them get their daily exercise and fresh air.

Get Into Gear

A garage full of gear completes a home. At Seattle House, the Gear Room is where you can fix, enhance or even create toys to take advantage of all that Seattle has to offer. Consultants including an Olympic Athlete have been brought on to plan and curate the room with the latest tools, work stations and equipment. Whether you are tuning your edges for the slopes, patching a hole in your paddle board, super-charging your scooter, or fitting your bicycle, the Gear Room will be your launching pad. There will also be a lounge area where like-minded outdoor enthusiasts can share insider information on the latest gear and trails. Before a day biking the local trails or commuter lanes, skiing the regional mountains or paddling the local waters, conveniently prepare your equipment for the outdoors in the gear room.

Seattle House Amenity - Yoga Room: Relax and Rejuvenate
Seattle House Amenity - Games Room: Game On

Relax and Rejuvenate

Foster a lifestyle of body and spirit. Seattle House offers a spacious indoor studio, with yoga mats, wall mounted ballet barre, hand weights and exercise balls for a serene and rejuvenating experience. This inviting space seamlessly extends into the meticulously landscaped terrace overlooking the breath-taking coast line. The semi-private outdoor garden is the perfect place to start your morning warm-up and meditate in the fresh air.

Game On

Be a Champion, become a hero and save the world. Where real-time strategy takes place shoulder-to-shoulder, it is time to get into another reality and live your life to the fullest with other teammates. Equipped with individual gaming stations as well as large tournament style center stage screen, the game room at Seattle House offers the best arena at your home, giving you the ultimate culture and social experience with possibilities both online and offline.

Seattle House Amenity - Games Room: Game On