With a vision to the future, Seattle House delivers a lifestyle of luxury, convenience and connectivity that is quintessentially Seattle.

Smart City Smart Home

Attracting global tech talent to Seattle underscores the need for innovative rental housing options. A thriving, motivated workforce expects inspired working and living spaces. At Seattle House, optimal high-speed connectivity at every turn ensures no call or deadline is missed, while the concierge guarantees your food delivery or Net-a-Porter order arrives securely. Meanwhile, the latest smart phone technology has you moving easily throughout all amenity spaces, storage facilities and the parking garage.Every element of Seattle House design was carefully and meticulously planned with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Rooftop solar panels offset common area lighting, smart thermostats conserve energy, water filtration systems in each residence provide pristine drinking water and 100% of the parking stalls offer EV charging.
Seattle House Smart Home Features

Efficient And Sustainable Living

With over 1000 rental homes in two towers and 50,000 square feet of shared amenity spaces, Seattle House leverages economies of scale to offer renters luxury living at a fraction of the monthly cost of a single-family home or single tower rental development.In addition, with extensive amenities and services within Seattle House and most others at your doorstep, the need for a car is minimized. Plus, the central location is within a stone’s throw of some of the world’s largest tech companies and employers making for the ideal commute on foot or two wheels. A network of pedestrian and cycle pathways across shared urban spaces connect work, life and play in a way that enhances your connection to the city, its beauty, and the community while reducing your carbon footprint.
Seattle House Sustainable Living

Modern Living in a Self-Contained Vertical City

Seattle House embodies the best of urban living. Essentially a vertical city in its own right, it houses everything you need to live your life to the fullest. From the city’s largest co-working space to thoughtfully-designed wellness amenities including meditation pods, fitness center and spa, Seattle House helps residents live a balanced life.
Seattle House Modern Living

Wellness Celebrated

Wellness is more than just nutrition and exercise. It is the holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is a deep connection to ourselves and our surroundings.Seattle House fosters this connection by providing various spaces to connect and share with your community as well as ways to help residents reflect, relax and recharge. A fully-equipped fitness center, sauna and steam rooms, yoga space and meditation pods offer sanctuary from the city bustle, keeping you centered and healthy.Situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, living at Seattle House, you are at nature’s doorstep as well. Take the time to enjoy the easy access to the arresting beauty of the coastline and mountains that define this lush corner of the world.
Seattle House Optimal Wellness

Quintessentially Seattle

Seattle’s transformation from airline manufacturing hub to leading center of technology and innovation is nothing short of spectacular. The business-friendly environment and natural beauty attract entrepreneurs and highly skilled, innovative talent from around the world ready to work hard and play hard.Seattle House celebrates the dynamism of the city and its workforce by incorporating the very best of luxury apartment living with smart home technology, sustainability, wellness and exemplary design to deliver a residence you would be proud to call home.
Seattle House Leading Tech Hub